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Wicked, Harry Potter, York, and Street Performers

It’s been an action-packed last few days. First and foremost, we have to give a huge thank you to Malcolm and Christine Rooney for allowing us to use their beautiful home while they are in East Lansing for this pulpit swap.

Originally, the swap had us staying in the manse in Kirrie (where we are) and the Rooneys staying in our home in Haslett. One housefire later and that plan was scrapped. The good news? We have wonderful folks at The Peoples Church and John and Mary Anne Larzelere graciously volunteered their home for Malc and Chris to stay in while they visit EL. Incredible!

We decided to treat the kids to a real West End theater experience for our last night in London. “Wicked” was the best option and they absolutely loved it. We all dressed up and headed out for a “fancy” night on the town. They’ve been listening to the soundtrack ever since. I credit Rachell for picking that one. 

 Our train to York the next morning left from King’s Cross station. It took Denali less than a second to connect the dots and realize, “That’s where Harry Potter went to get to Hogwarts! Can we go to platform 9 & 3/4?”

Sure enough, there is a platform 9 and three quarters that is happy to sell you all the Harry Potter merchandise you could possibly want. Two overpriced wands later, we were set to head to York. 

 York demands it’s own post. What an absolutely stunning town. I really wish we had more than a day there. I’ll leave it at that with a few pictures. Just wonderful. 

 From York, we made our way to Edinburgh to pick up our rental car. When we arrived, the agent mentioned a “slight” problem with our rental…it was not there. We ended up waiting about 4 hours in Edinburgh for our now upgraded rental (thank you for making it right, Europcar). What a great city to be stuck in for a few extra hours. The kids were fascinated by the street performers. Rachell was less amused.   

 From there, we drove to our main destination and arrived at Kirriemuir late in the evening on Friday. We visited the stunning Arbroath Abbey on Saturday and saw where the Scottish Declaration of Independence (Arbroarth, really) was written. Great visit and all in all, a wondeful day. 

 Next post will be about our Sunday adventure in Kirriemuir. I preached 3 times that morning…at least one was good. Thanks for reading and supporting us!