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Day 4 – Reading The Book of Hebrews in Lent – Hebrews 2:5-9


Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

That question is one of the most pondered, explained, debated and interpreted in the history of our Christian faith. Why, if God is all powerful, all knowing, all able, would Jesus, the son of God, have to suffer death … even death on a cross?

The author of Hebrews wrestles with this question in today’s reading and comes to the conclusion that Jesus suffered death so that, by the grace of God, he might taste death on behalf of us all.

I believe if a preacher wanted to, he or she could pontificate on this verse for the next decade worth of sermons and still come back to the question of “why?”

We are spending this Lenten season preparing for the death and resurrection of Jesus. What would our faith be without his death? There could be no resurrection without it … which begs the question, can we have our faith in Jesus Christ without his resurrection?

Hebrews presents an image of the exalted, honored, revered Jesus who is God, suffered a human death and now reigns as Lord of both heaven and earth, the divine and the temporal, the mortal and immortal world, now and forever more.

I cannot help but read those words and stop and say, “My God, what am I that you would give up your exalted status to suffer and die on MY behalf?” The author asks the same question … which is really a quote from Psalm 8:4-6, which reads, “What are humans that you would care for them?”

But our God does care for humanity. Our God cares even for us. Rest in that notion today as we continue to journey through Hebrews toward the cross.

 – Pastor Andrew