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Now what?

414e1711e95e25459cee22795c12714cTomorrow looks to be an opportunity for many of us who are honored with the privilege of a pulpit. Yes, I pray my fellow clergy people will deliver a message of hope…but I also pray they will not be so timid as to ignore the events of this past week in American history and find themselves years from now on the wrong side of said history.

What am I going to say tomorrow? I’m still not entirely sure. I’ve listened to pastors, rabbis, and priests pontificate over the past four days about their own desire to transcend the political rhetoric and not stoop down to the place of protestors and sore losers. Any other year, I might applaud such a high and lofty goal.

Not this year.

No, I believe the few who have been granted the right to speak and lead should do just that – speak and lead.

I ask for your prayers today and tomorrow as I continue to wrestle with the words form Isaiah 6 and seek to proclaim a gospel of love, hope, and prophecy, even when it would be so much easier to settle into a rhythm that rolls along with the tide, instead of paddling against the current in an effort to get where we need to be.

No matter what happens, we are all in the same boat together. Blessings to my sisters and brothers who speak out for those who have no voice, who identify injustice and work to right it, and for those who will not allow fear and hate to overcome the grace and hospitality of Jesus Christ.