Day 2 through the book of Hebrews


Written by Drew Filkins

We had recently moved to a new town and were getting to know all the little shops and restaurants. One day I was having lunch at a little restaurant and was chatting with the server about all that they had to offer. The server was very knowledgeable about their food and drinks, when the restaurant had opened and all of its operations. It was a great pleasure to talk with him. A couple weeks later, Holly and I were in the same restaurant for dinner. I saw the server but this day, he was not serving tables. He was on his cellphone ordering food and merchandise and making schedules because he was the owner.
The first day I was there, the restaurant had been slow and I didn’t realize the actual role this man had. I should have paid closer attention to who this person was. He had given me enough clues to make it out but I wasn’t paying close enough attention.
This is what the author of Hebrews is doing in this section. The author is calling our attention to see Jesus as he really is. There are seven different quotations from the Hebrew scripture in this section of this letter. They come at us fast and furious. The author is using these texts to make a very important point. Some thought that Jesus was simply an angel sent from God and not God’s son. They had missed the very nature of who Jesus is and the author wanted to set them straight.
The author points back to the Torah and Psalms to say that God never spoke of the angels like God speaks of the Son. God claims Jesus as God’s Son and the angels are called to worship him. This Jesus, which the author will spend most of the letter talking about, is the one who is called to be on the throne at the right hand of God. And this one who is seated on the throne is the one who is going to bring about God’s justice.
As we study through Hebrews this Lent, pay close attention to the way the author describes Jesus. What are the new things being revealed to you about Jesus? What parts of Jesus’ nature are being revealed to you?
– Pastor Drew


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