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Good Enough

I continue to marvel at my colleague and friend, Rev. David Ramage, and his ability to process with such vulnerability throughout his chemo treatments. David is an incredible minister serving as the pastor for the church I most recently served before my call to East Lansing. Pray for him, his family, and the amazing congregation he serves in Bellaire, MI. I am blessed to have learned from him, brewed with him, and served in the Mackinac Presbytery with him. Keep writing, David, and keep fighting.


I’ve never been good at small talk and when someone asks me how I’m doing, I know they probably don’t want the long answer. I’ve learned to say, “good enough.” This month’s treatment has been somewhat of an improvement. The “yuck” was basically Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then Sunday evening someone flicked the switch and I was normal. By normal, I mean that I feel like myself but I get fatigued doing just about anything. That’s why I say that I’m good enough. There are people going through much worse chemo and treatments and I feel fortunate to be relatively good. A couple of treatments ago I felt a rush of energy and it seemed like I had taken some kind of drug. The oncologist said that when your body starts making white blood cells in order to make up for the chemo, you’ll feel euphoric. This treatment was followed…

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