The best laid plans…

Quick recap of yesterday:

Perth – 60 pound parking ticket, bought wellies for the kids, got a bit turned around and gave up by 10. 

 Loch Leven – The main event for the day was the boat ride across the lake to the castle on an island where Mary Queen of Scots stayed for a bit (the kids are obsessed with Mary Queen of Scots. No idea why they are so into Mary but they REALLY want to know more about her life). Got lost on the way there due to construction. When we finally arrived and found all the boats booked through the afternoon, we gave up on Loch Leven.  

Tullibardine – Distillary tour with chocolate tasting and non-alcoholic options for the kids. It sounded perfect with a nice cafe (so said the advertisement). We arrived with very hungry and frustrated kids…no tours today, cafe was closed for remodeling. Ugh.  

 Stirling Castle – This was good. No complaints. It was so good that every other tourist in Scotland decided to visit the same time we did. Still, beautiful place, incredible history. 

Dinner…nope. We’re heading back to Kirriemuir for dinner. We made it “home” and had a lovely meal before chalking this one up to bad luck. 

 And isn’t that the lesson in all of this? We are so utterly spoiled/blessed/lucky/whatever-word-you-want-to-use and have not real right to be upset about our incredible time in Scotland. Throughout all of this, we were together, surrounded by incredible scenery, and welcomed by the kindest people in the world.

Yesterday didn’t work out how we would have like it but it was still a wonderful day.

The two days prior? Couldn’t have been better. Here’s some views from Montrose (amazing waterfront)  and Aberfeldy. 



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