Bryce in Scotland

I’ll give equal airtime to our daughter, as well, but I’ve got to make a couple of notes about traveling with Bryce in the north. 

He’s hilarious.

Bryce is not at all as shy as Denali. He makes friends with kids, dogs, and the elderly with equal ease and grace. Everywhere we’ve traveled, Bryce as found himself “at ease.” 

A couple of quick Bryce stories and pics. First, haggis:

 He loves the stuff and we haven’t had the courage to tell him that it’s made of sheep “pluck” – the heart, lungs, and liver all cooked inside of a sheep’s stomach.

Bryce loves the stuff.

We were in a fantastic restaurant (GlenIsla Hotel) up in the Glens and he again made friends for himself with the ladies behind the bar. A glimpse at our son’s charming future? I digress…

After he mentioned he’d never had haggis, the kitchen staff made a bowl of it for us gratis and brought it out. We all politely tasted and marginally enjoyed it. Bryce, however, loved it and pulled the big bowl in front of himself to eat.

Well done.  

 2.) Playgrounds and playparks

A lot of our trip as revolved around us finding appropriate playgrounds to run off some steam. Thankfully, Kirriemuir is home to one of the greatest playparks in the UK. As the childhood home, as well as the final resting place, for acclaimed playwright and author J.M.Barrie (of Peter Pan fame), lots of things in town have a Neverland, Lost Boys, or Pan theme. This included the incredible Peter Pan play park on top of the hill. 

Lots of kids congregate there and our children are now exception. Everyday they beg us to go play up at the park. A couple of days back, they were playing up there and met a rather international group of children. Including our two Americans, there were also a few Indian, English, and Scottish children all on holiday. Bryce walked right up to them and said, “Hey, I’m Bryce. Can I play too?”

Sure, they said. Where are you from (obviously not recognizing his accent)?

“I’m from Michigan.”

Where’s that?


Whatever, the other little boy said.

Bryce came over to me, “Daddy, I don’t think those boys are very smart. They don’t even know where Michigan is!”

Latter, as the boys played tag together, Bryce kept trying to tell them they were doing it wrong.

“Daddy, they keep calling it ‘tig’ but it’s really TAG. Why do they call it ‘tig?'”

Bryce, they just have an accent just like we have an accent.

“Weird…,” Bryce muttered to himself as he ran back to play ‘tig.’

3.) Looking old




 He sits like an old man at the table. Hard to put that into words witout pictures. He just looks so comfortable withhimself.

Way to go, Bryce.


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