Acro-Bastille Madness

And the worst parent award goes to..

  So we took a fantastic ride up to the top of the Bastille in Grenoble and while up there, signed four out of the five kids (sorry, Gavin…you need a few more years and a few more inches still) for a junior high ropes course. They absolutely loved it…but Denali REALLY loved it. Keith and I were planning on doing the adult course afterwards but Denali was stoked after the low ropes, kids only adventure.
“Daddy, can I PLEASE do the adult course?”

I’m not sure, honey. Let’s go check if you can do it. (I said this, knowing fully well it said 11 years old and up and our 9 year old daughter would not qualify, thus avoiding potential disaster).

“Daddy, here’s the measuring stick. You only have to be 140 cm and I’m over it!”

I was stuck trying to make a good decision instead and I decided teaching my daughter how to lie to amusement park.

You look 11, Denali. You can do it!

The key component to this equation was the presence of Rachell and me. We would also be doing the high ropes course with her, along with Ethan and Keith. So, we paid for our tickets and made sure the girl behind the counter approved of our decision.

“(in French) She is not big. She may have pull herself across the zipline if she does not make it all the way.”

No big deal! She can make it. We’ll be right there with you!

We paid and put on our wristband passes before casually asking, “Are my flip flops going to be a problem?”

“You cannot go in these. You are not allowed. Neither is she (my wife). Only you three.”

And with that bold move, Denali went off to the highropes Accro-Bastille course around Grenoble with Keith and  Ethan. 

She completed it and was great after…but the mountain climbing ropes course for the girl two years too young and obviously not tall enough was stres inducing for everyone.

She thinks she’s much older than she is. Is that a good thing?

Earlier in the day, we were at a park with all the kids playing when Denali came and sat down with the adults. She said she was annoyed by the way the boys were playing and wanted to stop. Instead, she walked around with me to a French coffee shop by ourselves where we ordered the perfect dark chocolate drink, an esspresso, and two macaroons. She took some pics while we were there:


 It was a great day. Rachell was a bit sick this morning but rallied by the afternoon and feels much more human again. A day and a half without sleep can do wonders to your body. Bryce and Liam picked up just where they left off a year ago, having a blast and playing together like the best of friends and we could not have been happier to hang out with Keith and Sarah. Tomorrow we are planning on visiting a mountain lake nearby and enjoying the sunshine. All is well from France. 



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  1. Looks like you guys are having fun! Denali — Way to go!

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