“Everything is Hay in Hard Times”

We made it to Reykjavik!

  Best Icelandic phrase yet…no idea what that means. 

The first two flights went swimmingly. I’m happy to say the kids were extremely well behaved. The lady next to us even said, “Your children travel so well!” Rachell and I beamed with pride. 

Why is that something to be proud of?

I tried to brush off the comment with some self-effacing joke before she got curiously serious and said, “Don’t make jokes like that. Your children are gathering expereinces. That means something.”

Well put, lady from Florida on her way to Sweden for a family reunion via Iceland.

I think I like that part of traveling. You never fully understand who is going where and for what reasons. We are surrounded right now by people who are cooped up in the airport waiting for their plane (in an EXTREMELY Icelandic setup, I might add. I mean, check out the beanbag style chairs in the airport).

 We are passing by people we will never see again, on their way to things we’ll never know about, with people we have yet to meet. I know this sounds a bit obvious but bear with me. How well do we know our neighbors? The people in the cars next to us? Sitting next to us on the plane?

One conversation can change a stranger into a friend. 

Boarding call. On our way to Paris now. 


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