And we’re off…

In just a few minutes, we’ll be taking off for our 5 week adventure across Europe as part of my pulpit swap with the Reverend Malcolm Rooney from Kirriemuir in Scotland. Our trip starts with a flight to Paris via Boston and Reykjavik, Iceland. Once there, we’ll head south to meet up wiht the wonderful Keith and Sarah Phillips, plus kids Ethan, Liam, and Gavin. It’s been nearly one year since the Phillips clan moved to Grenoble for a year long sabbatical. We have missed them dearly and can’t wait to reconnect. After that, we’re onto Paris, London, Yok, and finally, Scotland.  

Thank you to everyone in advance for your prayers and well wishes. It has been a little more than two months since our house fire. Since the fire, we have bounced around in temporary housing as our home (the “fire house,” as Bryce likes to call it) is rebuilt, repaired, and restored. Everyone has been on edge and for a very short minute, we wondered if we should even go through with this trip we’ve had planned for nearly a year. Thankfully, we are still going! 

The kids are great travelers and seem pretty excited right now. They were bouncing around the car on the way down as their grandma and grandpa Monville picked us up to drop us off in Detroit. I love that they get these experiences while they are young. Will they remember these trips as much as Rachell and I will? Maybe?

Just about to board…it’s our first time on JetBlue before getting and Icelandair flight in Boston. Life is full, good, and joyful. We’ll be posting as we go. God bless Pastor Drew Filkins for taking over things while I’m gone. It’s nice to have such great colleagues to do your job for you!

Here we go…


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