Genesis 1-2 – A Lenten Discipline Through Genesis

“In the beginning, God created…”


Northern-Lights-Photo-1-green-skyI remember the first time I saw the Northern Lights. I was eighteen and hanging out on a beach on the Lake Michigan coast by the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. It was the very end of the summer and I was preparing to head to my freshman year at Alma College. I was excited, nervous, and anxious about starting school but this last night with friends was a welcome release. As we sat out on the beach, we noticed the lights start slowly until around 12:30 they were in full force. At that point, it was like nothing could stop them.

None of us wanted to leave, turn away, blink even. Yet just as quickly as they developed, they started to disappear. And then, we were left with waves, sand, and hope for some kind of return. That was a beginning of so many things in my life and it started with something so indescribable. Words, truly, don’t do it justice.

Genesis 1 and 2 – there are no good words to describe the beginning of something profound, incredible, and miraculous. The poetry of these first chapters of the Bible are impossible. They carry a weight far greater than the words on the page. “In the beginning…” To imagine the beginning of, well, everything…it’s impossible to comprehend.

Yet here we are and this is where we start.

I hope you’ll consider continuing this journey through Genesis as we continue together through Lent. This is the beginning. Let us marvel.


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