Wanna read Genesis and take some pictures?

GenesisTomorrow marks the beginning of Lent with the recognition of Ash Wednesday. Each year The Peoples Church challenges the congregation to read a book of the Bible together during these 40ish days as a way of preparing for Resurrection Sunday. This year, we’re reading Genesis…but we’re encouraging everyone to interact a bit differently. Each day/chapter has a word that relates to it. We want people to take a picture and tweek/post/insta that picture each day Here are some better instructions – lent-2015-photos

I’m not bailing on the 90 days through the Bible. It’s still going strong and I’m hoping I can keep up the pace. This is a nice addition to the journey. Do you have a plan for this year in Lent? Maybe you’re giving something up or adding something to it? Consider adding this practice and interacting with a great group of people in East Lansing who are doing the same thing.

I’ll be posted each day about the chapter in Genesis. Put your pictures up there too, if you’d like? Follow the feed #TPCgenesis and see where this journey takes us.

I hope to see you along the way.


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