Dreamweaver – Day 4 – February 4 – 90 Days through the Bible – Genesis 41-50

Dreamweaver – Day 4 – February 4 – 90 Days through the Bible

Genesis 41-50

My friend from Alma College, Chris LaCroix, was in the traveling Broadway company version of “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.” I remember going to see Chris out in Brooklyn for a show. He played the Butler (or the Cupbearer Genesis identifies him). Rachell, my wife, and I were so excited to see our dear friend Joseph_and_the_Amazing_Technicolor_Dreamcoatup there on a huge stage with a professional company. When his scenes came, we were overwhelmingly excited for him and I must admit, we paid extra attention. Chris, of course, was phenomenal and while we were a bit biased in our review of his performance, I was amazed by the role of the butler in the narrative. Joseph has one dream as a teenager and then no more. It’s the dreams of others that he interprets and makes sense of. Moreover, it’s the reaction of those who have their dreams interpreted that change the fortunes from Joseph.

Yet throughout the who process, Joseph gives credit and thanksgiving to God’s hand in the process. He has such a firm grasp of providence that necessarily believes God is acting in the good and the bad. There is such hope in that kind of faith, but man, is that a tough theology to realize at all times and in all places. I admit I struggle with that interpretation of God. I want to believe but doubts make it so hard at times.

If anything, the ending of Genesis is helping me appreciate the faith with have in God’s role in our families, our work, our community, and our world. My dreams include the desire to experience and feel God’s presence in all things…as well as the ability to give thanks.

  • Joseph waits in the cell for another two years before Pharaoh has a dream that needs interpreting by Joe.
  • “It is not I; God will give Pharaoh a favorable answer.” Great answer, Joseph (Gen 41:16).
  • Joseph’s new name is Zaphenathpaneah…I liked Joe better.
  • I’ve never understood the trick Joseph plays on his brother. Revenge? Spite? Just teaching them a lesson? Fear of being known? Why do we do things like this to one another?
  • Rueben is willing to sacrifice two of his own sons if Benjamin does not return? Would Jacob have been willing to go along with the murder of two of his grandsons?
  • I am Joseph. With that one statement, everything changes. Amazing how recognition can lead to an epiphany can lead to a changed life.
  • Joseph tells them God sent him to Egypt, not them.
  • Imagine Jacob’s delight in knowing he had a chance to see his son, the son he thought dead, again in the flesh. Any of us who have lost a loved one imagine that moment, that hope. This is pure passion and ecstasy.
  • “Few and hard have been the years of my life.” Well said, Jacob. Well said. (Gen 47:9)

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