Day 1 – 90 Days through the Bible – Genesis 1-17

Day 1 – 90 Days Through the Bible – Genesis 1-17

(Here’s the schedule if you’d like to read along! 90 Days in the Bible)

In the beginning, we read chapter 1…

I’ve had the desire to read the Bible in 90 days for the past few years, but I’ve never been able to buy into the task fully enough to complete it. This year’s going to be different…or, at least I hope it will be.

I had a conversation with a friend a couple weeks back and she talked about wanted to know the Bible better. It seemed like the perfect time to get into this project again. Accountability is going to make this work. I like knowing someone else is reading through with me, asking questions at the same pace and about the same chapters. More than that, I like knowing someone will ask me, “Hey Andrew, did you read today?”DustyBible_thumb

Motivated by guilt and shame is never a good thing but it certainly has the potential for producing the right outcome. So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m reading along with G and K (I’ll use these references instead of their full names). Both are members of The Peoples Church but not individuals I have ever engaged in a study with before. We’ve all got kids around the same ages. We’re all are married. And we all live in the incredible mid-Michigan area that is home to Michigan State University, the state legislature, and all the wonders of the Greater Lansing Region.

Rather than post overly academic biblical interpretations and musings, I’m going to offer more easily digestible, quick notes on the passages I complete each day. Because there is so much reading required each day to complete this journey, the style of reading is very different from my normal study habits. I’m reading from a view that is much further away from the text, rather than a careful, deliberate examination of shorter passages. I’m trying to see the whole narrative, not just the individual passages.

In addition, these posts will be written as letters, comments, notes and questions to G and K (and anyone else who’d like to join us on this journey?). I’ll try to make specific references to the passages but will more than likely just offer paraphrased quotes related to the chapters of the day. You can generally pick out the passages I am referencing but if you have any specific questions about what I am questioning, noting, or observing, feel free to ask me to clarify.

With that said, here’s the first day’s comments!

Genesis 1 – 17

  • This is my first time reading through the Bible entirely from the New International Version (2011 edition). It reads a bit differently from other translations I typically use but still provides enough familiarity mixed in with colloquialisms to be intelligible to modern ears.
  • “In the beginning, God created…” Great beginning and ripe for theological interpretation. Seminary is coming back to my brain as I remember my first OT class taking an hour on this one line, this one phrase, this one groundbreaking idea. It still sticks with me.
  • A vault between the waters – that’s a new way to phrase it. I’ve never thought of that passage until reading it today with the word “vault.” Not sure what to make of that.
  • Do you have a favorite day of creation? I’m going with day 5. Definitely day 5.
  • What do we declare good and very good in our lives? Right now, sitting in a flannel shirt with the fire crackling in the background, drinking my coffee, listening to Phish in the background, my dog sleeping on my feet while I read Genesis? This is very good. Very, very good.
  • A man leaves his father and mother to be united to his wife because she was bone from his bones and flesh from his flesh? To be reunited is to be made whole.
  • Adam is such a wimp – “The woman you put here, she’s the one that gave me the fruit! It wasn’t my fault! It’s not my fault!”
  • Am I allowed to say, “Poor Cain?” I feel like he really was set up for disaster from the beginning.
  • Jabal, father of those who live in tents and raise livestock. Totally forgot about that verse and that name. I’m going to name my next dog/cat/child Jabal.
  • “The Lord regretted making humans” That’s a rough passage to read.
  • “Even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood.” Makes me want to go back and talk about inherent evil vs. inherent good. Are we really bad from the start and we choose to do good or are we good from the start and we choose to do bad?
  • All of these names rule.
  • First blessing of Abram includes the following:
    • 1 – I will make you a great nation,
    • 2 – I will bless you,
    • 3 – I will make your name great,
    • 4 – You will be a blessing,
    • 5 – I will bless those who bless you,
    • 6 – I will curse those who curse you,
    • 7 – all peoples on earth will be blessed through you
  • Abram hands his wife over to Pharaoh? What a jerk…At least he’ll never do this again, right? I mean, there’s no way you’d pretend your wife is your sister TWICE.
  • Melchizedek makes an appearance. His next reference is found in Hebrews, because, the Bible?
  • Understatement of the day -Hagar has it awfully rough

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