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Uncomfortable Topic? Sexuality and the Church

There are not many topics, debates, or controversies in Christian culture that receive so much or so little airtime as those that revolve around sexuality.  My experience has generally been one of two extremes related to all areas in this realm – the church avoids the topics like the plague or it spends an inordinate amount of time on this one area.

Issues under the umbrella of sexuality have spilt, divided and caused so much tension between brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.  The list of subtopics within this one area of discussion is staggering: gender, marriage, homosexuality, relationships, procreation, contraception, ordination, and much more.  The world around the church talks about, fights over, debates, and argues for and against so many sides within this myriad of issues.

The Peoples Church is no different from society in this way.  We all bring our interpretations, our moral compasses, and our experiences to the table.  How we engage in the conversation is as important as the words we use to express our beliefs, our questions, and our positions related to sexuality and the church.  The council of elders has been discussing these topics for a number of months with the hope that our congregation would engage in healthy, appropriate dialogues with one another under the guidance of our loving and faithful God.

With that motivation in mind, I am responding to the call from the council by offering a three week class during WNL, starting October 15, entitled “Spirituality, Sexuality, and the Bible.”  We’ll take a first look at many of these potentially divisive conversations and engage with one another in a safe, loving community of brothers and sisters in Christ.  We will not agree with one another on every topic and that tension should not be discouraged.  As a multi-denominational church, we need to be willing to dialogue with one another and listen for God’s voice in the words and thoughts found within the one Body of Christ.  Will you join the conversation on October 15?  I’ll look forward to seeing you in the Robertson Room on October 15.